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Goldilocks was a lie.

Everyone and their mama knows about the Barbie movie. It's fun, it's nuanced, and it's PINK.

As a therapist I sat in the theater close to tears, because honestly the truth behind what it means to be a human is so very painful.

There are a million messages from the Barbie movie that I could quote, harp on, and defend.

But there's one topic that I see constantly in my practice.

Women, hating thier bodies.

The 16 year old athlete is too thin.

"I have no curves. I look like a boy."

The 25 year old professional is gainging too much weight.

"I want to look athletic."

The 30 year old mom has too much junk in the trunk.

The 45 year old tech guru's boobs are sagging.

The 55 year old chef's grey hair is coming in.

We're too skinny, or too fat, but NEVER EVER just right.

The Goldilocks concept does not apply to women's bodies.

Quote from Gloria in the Barbie Movie (2023)

And I'm gonna admit, I have no idea what I'm doing.

My journey with my own body is still in development. So here's what I can offer. Three questions to ask yourself:

  • Who taught me to feel this way about myself, and are they a reliable source?

  • What are my value systems around weight, aesthetics, food, exercise, and overall health?

  • So far, how has hating my body helped me? How has it hurt me?

Lastly- the golden rule.

That nasty thought about yourself?

If you wouldn't say it to your mama, sister, cousin, friend, neighbor, daughter, auntie, or boss-

Tell your brain to shut the fuck up.

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