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Your Questions Answered

Do You Accept Insurance?

Here are some reasons I do not accept insurance:

1. They make me diagnose you- and most of the time, you are struggling with life, not a diagnosis

2. They get to decide how often and how many times you come to therapy.

3. They pay a set rate, want all the details of your life, and will sometimes decide to take that money back if I don't give enough detail. That's not good for my quality of life or your privacy.

What is your fee?

Individual Session-50 minutes- $125

Couples Session-80 minutes- $175


Telehealth and In-Person sessions available.​


See below on how to access your out of network benefits using Superpay!

How Can You Help Me?

I provide therapy for several ages and stages in life! We might be a good fit if you are struggling with: 

  • Anxiety or Depression

  • A New Life Transition

  • Premarital or Marital Counseling

  • Early Adult or Midlife Career Needs

  • Trauma: car accidents, sexual assault, chronic illness, or natural disaster.


Now Offering Superpay!

I am currently a private pay, out-of-network provider, which means I do not accept insurance at this time. I offer SuperPay, a secure, HIPAA-compliant payment option powered by SuperBill, to provide you with a FREE and simple way to get reimbursed by your insurance for out-of-network services. When you pay for your therapy sessions with SuperPay, SuperBill will automatically file and track your claims with your insurer. You will also have access to their expert customer support team for assistance with insurance benefits checks and claim denial resolution. To set up this payment method prior to your initial session, you can complete the 2-minute onboarding on the SuperBill website.

Contact Us

9666 Olive Blvd Suite 205 St. Louis, MO 63109


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