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Your Questions Answered

Do You Accept Insurance?

I am able to accept Cigna and Aetna plans as of 8/1/2024. 

I can also assist you with filing for OON benefits with your insurance company, which varies by plan. 

Please email me directly if you face financial hardship and need help navigating referrals or Out-of-network insurance benefits. I offer sessions for as low as $50 for those who face chronic illness, disability, or systematic oppression.

What is your fee?

Individual Session-50 minutes: $125

Couples Session-80 minutes: $175

Intensive hourly rate: $150

Please inquire about sliding scale needs. 

Telehealth throughout Missouri and in-person sessions in Saint Louis are available.​ ​

What is a therapy intensive?

My work experience as a therapist has inspired me to do deep, meaningful work that provides relief FAST. When you’re injured and in pain, there are a million appointments and life changes to adjust to. Therapy Intensives will help get your mind right so that you can focus on what your body needs. A Therapy Intensive is an accelerated form of therapy designed to help clients go deeper and get results faster. Instead of attending therapy one hour per week for a year, why not carve out one day a week for just one month? It’s a cutting-edge approach to help people feel better faster. No need to miss work, school, or your children for an extended amount of time.

How Can You Help Me?

I provide therapy for several ages and stages in life! We might be a good fit if you are struggling with: 

  • Trauma: car accidents, sexual assault, chronic illness, or natural disaster.

  • Anxiety or Depression

  • A New Life Transition

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Early Adult or Midlife Career Needs


My specialty is trauma, and my "bread and butter" is body-based trauma. Because I live with a chronic illness and have survived three head traumas, I can be real, empathetic, and helpful when it comes to healing the unthinkable. The bulk of my CPT work has focused on car accidents, assault, and sexual abuse. 


You already have! But here are the next steps:

1. Schedule a consult call or call me directly. 

2. Let me know why you are seeking treatment, what your monthly budget for therapy is, and what times you have available for sessions. 

3. I'll get you on my schedule and send out the proper paperwork to be completed before the first session. 

4. We begin!

Contact Us

9666 Olive Blvd Suite 205 St. Louis, MO 63109


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