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Mental Health Therapy Unique to You

Young Gay Couple

Couples Therapy

It is my mission to provide individualized couples therapy to all types of partnerships, including those who are LBTBQ+, Polyamorous, or ENM. 

As a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, I am trained to help a couple meet their goals at any stage in the relationship. Prepare/Enrich is designed to  help dating, premarital, and married couples "prepare" for a lasting marriage or "enrich" an existing one. Here are some signs you could benefit from Prepare/Enrich:

  • "We're  getting married soon and I want us to have the best possible start." 

  • "We have been together 20 years and I just feel like we're not connected anymore."

  • We've been dating for two years and I'm not ready to take the next step until we iron some of our problems out." 

Individual Therapy

By utilizing person-centered and eclectic therapy techniques, we can work together to build the life that you will thrive in.

  • Trauma and Sexual Assault: I use Cognitive Processing Therapy to find the stuck points that leave you feeling like trauma has a hold on your life. You can and will take back the narrative. I have expertise in sexual assault and car accident-related trauma. 

  • Anxiety and Depression: You feel like an open wound. The slightest inconvenience might set you off, and you're f-cking tired all.the.time. Let's work together to make life feel less like work. 

  • Finding Purpose: Whether you're 18 and trying to decide on a major or 45 and sick of showing up to work every day, therapy with me can help you recenter your hopes and plans for the future. It's ok if you don't know what you want- you will. 

Boy Checking his Phone

Therapy for Teens

My goal is to help budding adults be the kind of human you want to be your next boss, buddy, and parent. Sometimes this means bridging communication with parents, but mostly it means being another safe landing pad in your village. By using developmentally appropriate and experiential exercises, I can connect and assist teens through difficult life decisions. Common reasons for teens to attend therapy include:

  • Divorce or Remarriage of the parents. 

  • Career or College Exploration. 

  • Trauma, including sexual assault. 

  • Bullying or other interpersonal concerns. 

  • Behavioral or Decision-making concerns. 

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Flexible Scheduling to Meet Your Needs

Sunday: 1pm-9pm
Monday: 11am-5pm
Tuesday: 11am-5pm

Wednesday 11am-5pm

Thursday 11am-5pm

Contact Us

5400 Devonshire Ave St. Louis, MO 63109


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